Disinfecting Service

Our Disinfecting Service

Larry’s Plumbing Service has always taken pride in protecting the community when it comes to sanitation.

That is why we have teamed up with Professional Cleaning Solutions of Texas LLC. to provide a complete disinfecting service to the community.

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How Can We Help You ??

Using EPA approved products and CDC protocols Professional Cleaning Solutions offers a full disinfection service to homeowners and businesses alike.


Services We Offer:

  • Professional Pre-Clean of Area To Be Treated
  • 4 Step Disinfection Process
  • Soft Surface Treatment
  • Recurring Treatment Plans
  • “Green Cleaning Products” available


It is important to know that current understanding about how the virus that causes COVID‑19 spreads is largely based on what is known about similar coronaviruses

As the understanding about this current situation grows and changes, so will the treatment and preventative measures. Professional Cleaning Solutions of Texas LLC. is consistently working alongside the CDC and the EPA to ensure we are always up to speed with available information. 

We are dedicated to keeping the community safe at all cost!