Slab Repair

Plumber Rockwall Tx Lslab Leak

Over time, weather and foundation shifts can cause dramatic, yet unassuming changes to your home. The term “slab leak” is used to explain any non-visible leak in the pipes or drains installed throughout the concrete foundation of your home. These slab leaks can happen on any drain or fresh water line that has either cold or hot water. Because slab leaks are not immediately visible, they often go undetected for long periods of time, which can lead to devastating consequences such as the collapse of the foundation, the growth of mold, and more.


  • Common signs you may have a slab leak:
  • A Sudden And Unexplained Spike In Your Monthly Water Bill
  • Mildew Or Moisture Buildup Under Floors Or Carpeting
  • Running Water Sounds When No Fixtures Are Running
  • Puddles Of Standing Water In Or Around Your Home
  • Unusually Low Water Pressure
  • Sudden Cracks In Your Walls Or Baseboards
  • Moldy Or Mildew Smells
  • Drains Constantly Backing Up