Drain Cleaning in Rockwall, TX

Over time, the drains in your home can become clogged with all kinds of debris. Even if you’re careful about what goes down the drains, a build-up can occur, and eventually, you’ll notice a drain that seems to be slower or that has stopped draining completely. At any sign of an issue, it’s time for a professional drain cleaning. Larry’s Plumbing Service is your top-rated provider of professional drain cleaning solutions in Rockwall, TX. 

With our years of experience and expertise, we understand how pesky and frustrating clogged drains can be. That’s why we offer a full suite of drain cleaning services that are specifically tailored to suit your unique needs and budget. Whether you have a minor blockage or a more complex drainage issue, we have the right tools and techniques to unclog your drain in no time. 

Trust us to provide prompt, reliable, and affordable services that get the job done right the first time. Call (214) 729-3586 today or reach out online to schedule your appointment and experience the best drain cleaning service in town!

Do Your Drains Need to Be Cleaned?

If the drains in your home don’t seem to be working right, kitchen or bathroom drain cleaning is necessary. If the drains in the home are slower than normal, it’s a sign that there is build-up inside the drains that will need to be removed. Other signs include drains that don’t work at all or bubbling coming from a drain when a different one is used. If you notice any of these signs, contact us for a professional drain cleaning right away. 

Proactive Services

It may be beneficial to have a kitchen or bathroom drain cleaning done even if you haven’t noticed any issues yet. No matter how careful you are about what goes down the drains, build-up can occur and can start causing issues eventually. We can come for a proactive drain cleaning at any time and help prevent any issues with your drains. This is often a good idea if you haven’t had them cleaned in a while or if you’re moving into a new home and aren’t sure of the last time they were cleaned. 

Emergency Services

Sometimes, it’s not possible to wait for drain cleaning services. If it needs to be done right away, we can help with an emergency drain cleaning. Drains that are completely clogged may require an emergency drain cleaning if your household can’t go without that sink for a day or two. If water bubbles in a drain when another one is used, it can be a sign of a major issue, so it’s a good idea to have the drains cleaned right away.

Ways to Clean the Drains

The three most common ways to clean a drain include chemicals, a snake, and a hydro jet. Chemicals should never be used, as they can damage the pipes over time. They’re also very toxic and, in most cases, aren’t going to make much of a difference. Save money and skip on chemical options available at local stores.

A drain cleaning snake is used for clogs that are located near the drain and can be a simple way to clear the drain completely. It is possible to buy a drain cleaning snake and use it, but it is easy to damage the pipes, so this is still a job better left to the professionals.

The third option is a hydro jet drain cleaning. This uses a powerful burst of water pushed into the pipes to break up any clogs, and it is able to reach deep into the pipes to clear away anything that could cause an issue. Today, hydro jet drain cleaning is being used more often simply because of how effective it is at cleaning out pipes. 

Call Our Professionals for Drain Cleaning in Rockwall, TX

If you’re experiencing clogs in your drains, it’s important to address them promptly to prevent further damage. While DIY products can seem like a quick fix, they can actually cause more harm than good. 

At Larry’s Plumbing Service, we offer professional drain cleaning solutions to ensure the job is completed correctly. Our experienced team will identify the best method for your situation to thoroughly clear the clog and prevent it from returning. Ignoring slow drains can lead to more significant problems, so don’t hesitate to schedule service. We also offer emergency services if you need immediate assistance. 

Depend on Larry’s Plumbing Service to keep your drains functioning properly! Contact us online or call (214) 729-3586 to schedule drain cleaning at the first sign of trouble.